Why airbrush tan? 

OUR Bronze Biologic solution DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY HARMFUL OR TOXIC CHEMICALS, DYES, ALCOHOL, ADDITIVES, PERFUMES, OR ARTIFICIAL COLORS. WE have sourced out only the purest form of all of ingredients that will deliver results unsurpassed by any other tanning solution on the market.

If you love how you look with a tan, but are worried about the potential hazards of sun exposure, and how much damage the sun can cause to your skin, or tanning beds, consider airbrush tanning.

1. Airbrush tanning looks very natural

When done correctly in a tanning salon, an airbrushed tan looks similar to a natural tan that you obtained from lying out in the sun all day. But be careful, because if it’s poorly done you could end up looking like an Oompa-Loompa from Willy Wonka.
2. Airbrushing to add definition

Because of the technique used, this kind of tanning allows you to airbrush your abs or other muscles to add a more defined and toned look to them. In fact, many celebrities have been rumored to use this kind of tanning for this purpose.

3. Avoid the risk of skin cancer
Unlike a tanning bed or booth that utilizes UV rays in order to give your skin some tone, airbrushing a tan on does not pose any known risk of skin cancer. The UV rays from the sun and tanning lamps are known to cause skin cancer, which is the leading form of cancer in the U.S
4. Skin cell damage and signs of premature aging
Cancer aside, both artificial ultraviolet rays and the sun’s UV rays are known to cause lesser skin cell damage such as dark spots on the skin. Wrinkling is another common issue that occurs from prolonged exposure to the sun or tanning beds. Your skin may also dry out and become leathery as a result of tanning. Who really wants their skin to look like a crocodile handbag as they age? However, using an airbrush to apply a tan does not have the same consequence.

5. Not nearly as boring
To achieve radiant skin with a beautiful, deep brown hue, you must stay out in the sun for hours, which can be boring, while sunless tanning can be done in minutes.

6. No tan lines
As with tanning beds, spray-on tanning can give you an all-body without tan lines.  That’s a lot harder to achieve with sun tanning.

7. Lasts a while
When you have a tan airbrushed on, it typically lasts for a week or more.